Regulatory Support Services

Product Labelling & Packaging Advice

We provide advice on product labelling and packaging to ensure compliance with the latest requirements of supply and transport regulations.  Our advice will also help you take advantage of exemptions that may be available under special provisions relating to a particular type of packaging or transport mode.

CLP Notification Services

Importers, who place on the EU market, hazardous substances on their own or as part of hazardous mixtures, are obliged to notify the CLP classification of the substance to the European Chemicals Agency Classification and Labelling Inventory – this obligation applies irrespective of the quantity involved.  We can prepare and submit your notifications via the REACH-IT portal.

UFI & Poison Centre Notification Support

A new EU-harmonised Poison Centres Notification (PCN) format is being introduced which requires that information on hazardous mixtures is now submitted through a centralised poral provided by the European Chemicals Agency.  Suppliers of such hazardous mixtures are also obliged to generate a Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) for each mixture, which must be displayed on the product label.  The requirements apply from:

1 st January 2021 for Consumer & professional use products 
1st January 2024 for Industrial uses only products

REACH Compliance

The REACH regulation requires the registration of all chemical substances placed on the EU market by an enterprise in excess of 1 Ton per annum. The obligation to register under REACH rests with EU manufacturers of substances and importers who import substances from outside the EU either in original form or as components of products.  While the registration deadlines for existing products have passed, Importers of new products subject to registration may avail of a late registration which must be initiated by submitting an inquiry to the European Chemicals Agency .

We can advise and support you in fulfilling your REACH registration obligations.

Other Regulatory Advice

We can also assist with compliance with specific product regulations, including Detergents, Biocides, Medical Devices, E-cigarettes and wastes.