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We offer a range of consultancy and training services to help clients comply with the legislation governing the supply, transport and use of products that contain hazardous chemicals. These include

DGSA Consultancy Services
DGSA Training
Hazard Classification
SDS Authoring
Packaging & Labelling Advice
Regulatory Compliance Support
Dangerous Goods Transport General Awareness Training
Chemical Awareness Training

The regulations concerning the supply and transport of hazardous materials are becoming increasingly onerous. This reflects a growing awareness of their impact on human health and the environment, coupled with the desire to limit their harmful effects through the promotion of informed and responsible usage. The challenge for industry is to remain compliant with constantly evolving legislation and thus avoid exposure to prosecution, litigation or exclusion form the market. The requirements apply equally to small and large enterprises, but the burden bears heaviest on smaller enterprises with limited in-house resources and knowledge. 

As specialists in chemical hazard identification and communication, ChemHaz Solutions offer cost effective alternatives to address this knowledge and capacity gap. Consultancy options include hazard classification for supply and transport, advice on labelling and packaging, SDS authoring and translation, DGSA services and regulatory compliance support. Clients wishing to strengthen their in-house capabilities can avail of our training solutions. For further information visit our Services and Training pages or go to the Contact page to submit an inquiry.

Preliminary consultation to assess requirements is offered free without obligation. We provide non-disclosure agreements as standard to guarantee the confidentiality of the detailed formulation information that may be required in order to deliver our consultancy services.

Safety through knowledge