DGSA Services

Enterprises engaged in the consignment and transport of dangerous goods under road and rail transport regulations are obliged to appoint a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA), once shipments exceed specified thresholds.  The main duties of a DGSA are as follows:

  • Monitor and advise the undertaking on compliance with the regulations
  • Prepare an Annual Report on the Dangerous Goods activities of the enterprise for each calendar year
  • Investigate and report on any accidents or incidents involving the movement of dangerous goods

The appointed DGSA can be either a suitably qualified in-house employee or an outside consultant.  Enterprises are increasingly opting to employ outside consultants because of the greater span of experience that is available and the assurance that advice will be up-to date with the changes in regulations that occur every two years. 

DGSA Service: 

We provide DGSA services for road transport on a competitive annual contract basis.  Since many journeys are multi-modal we can also provide the advice necessary to ensure that shipments comply with the additional requirements that apply to sea or air transport. 

Audit Service: 

If you are unsure of your obligations or would like an independent review of your operations, we offer an audit service that examines your activities, procedures and training records and then reports on your compliance status and obligations.